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38 inspirational cards – small enough to fit in a purse, wallet or pocket ...

... simple, yet powerful.

The cards aim to help deal with life challenges as they present themselves, these include:

Career challenges, relationship problems, family issues, stress, anxiety, lack of motivation, health issues, financial problems, loss of identity or direction, lack of self-belief, or making decisions.

Quote: “ you can talk to someone for hours and hours and not listen to anything they say – but a few simple words on a card can make you think”…S.H.

Jude delivers workshops to agencies and groups specifically to show people the many ways to use the cards.  Each participant receives a pack of cards included in the price.  Contact Jude for more information.

"I use them every day - they are amazing and I used them with the young women I work with - they really make a difference! "  M.A.

Card Readings

Intuitive card readings are available using a variety of cards and intuitive skills. Contact Jude for more information.

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